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The Fall Of Reddit Or Gradual Decline Of The Empire ?

  The site Reddit has been a online hang out for me for a long time back to the days of Digg and Reddits sometimes not so friendly rivalry.  Believe it or not there was a time when Digg was bigger than Reddit, bigger in just about every way imaginable. 


Man Rescues Woman and Her Dog From Sinking Car

 A video has emerged of a Louisiana woman and her dog being rescued from her sinking car during floods in that state.  David Phung and a friend were assisting with emergency efforts when the happened


NASA Releases Over A Thousand Photos Of Mars

NASA's latest high resolution release consists of over a thousand images, transmitted from the red planet this month.  This transmission was especially good, due to the fact that when Mars and the sun are



 Bride Given Away By Man Who Received Her Fathers Heart

 In a meeting filled with emotion, bride to be Jeni Stepien meet the man that received her father's heart ten years ago.  Jeni's father Michael Stepien was murdered in 2006,


Will Canada Legalize Marijuana ?

  It's time to talk about the 500 pound elephant in the room, and seeing how no one else wants too here we go.  Those of us who have been pro legalization for a while, understand that this fight has been going



 Annual Events and Festivals

scp mp   The Toronto Santa Claus Parade is one of Toronto's oldest events and was first held on December 2, 1905 with only a single float. The float was financed by the department store chain Eaton's, who was once one of Canada's largest retailer. Eaton's association with the parade ended in 1982, and led to the parade being taken over by a group of Businessmen led by George Cohon. With the help of




 The Canadian National Exhibition, or as Torontonians like to call it, The E.X  is an annual event that takes place at Exhibition Place in Toronto.  The Canadian National Exhibition is Canada’s largest annual fair, and the fifth largest in North America.  As with most fairs its history was to promote agriculture and showcase Canadian talent in a variety of fields.  The fairs roots can be traced back to


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  The Toronto Pillow Fight is our contribution to the International Pillow Fight Day celebration, and is held on the first weekend of April. The modern incarnation of this pastime was adopted by the flash mob culture, and by 2008 over 25 cities around the world participated in the first ever "international flash mob" Large pillow fights have been organized before, usually in an effort to break the Guinness World Record.


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  Toronto Pride is a ten-day event held during the end of June each year, and was born out of the mass protests that were in response to the infamous " 1981 Bathhouse Raids" The raids took place in February, and with a reported three hundred plus arrests, it was the largest mass arrest in Canada at that time. The arrests triggered mass public protests that lasted over a year , and eventually led to


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  The Toronto No Pants Subway Ride, is an annual global event started by Improv Everywhere, in New York, 2002 as a prank. The fifth annual No Pants ride resulted in eight people being arrested. Fortunately for the participants, it's completely legal to wear your underwear in public in New York City. The publicity generated by that event has snowballed into the event that we know today. The date for the event is


Toronto Landmarks

gb mp   Torontos historic Gooderham building, located at 49 Wellington Street East, started its life as a three storey structure known as The Coffin Block Building. It's estimated that The Coffin Block was built in or around 1845 as an addition to The Wellington hotel on Church Street. The original shape of


hhf mp   The Hockey Hall of Fame is located at 30 Yonge Street, and is one of Torontos most visited locations. The building itself started its life in the 1885, as a Bank of Montreal branch. The bank was built in the Rococo Architecture style, and was used as their head office


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  Torontos Casa Loma (Spanish for Hill House)is located at 1 Austin Terrace, and is Torontos own version of a castle. The building is part of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt legacy, who was a prominent Canadian financier in his time. Sir Henry brought Architect E.J. Lennox into the project, Mr Lennox



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