August 29, 2016 at 5:29 pm

Huffington Post Contributor Fired For Allegedly Questioning Hillary's Clinton's Health

 David Seaman is experiencing something that all of us at one time or another have had to face, the loss of a job he obviously loved.  Unfortunately for David the Huffington Post is a private organization, and is not subject to the same legal restriction (1st amendment) that the American government is.  So legally they can fire him for any reason they like, unless of course if there are contract obligations.   

 Now this is not something that we here would normally talk about, but a couple of things David says really caught my ear.  "I am doing this video also to say, I am not suicidal right now"  Made me wonder if just talking about Hillary's Clinton's health was enough to get someone  "suicided."   I'm a little older than most and can verify that a candidates physical and mental well being is far game, I think the problem here is poor David didn't stick to Huffington Posts preferred narrative.

 Then he went on to say that alot of the mainstream media outlets are "not booking guests with opposing views, these non-stop propaganda segments" To be honest there has been very little actual debate, and to be fair it's probably better for both of the parties.  I would compare such a debate to a political version of Dumb and Dumber.   We here at Our Life In Toronto have made our thoughts know on the state of the political system in the USA.  (I'm not saying ours is much better)

 So at the risk of being "suicided" I will go out on a limb and state that a candidates physical and mental well being, is a valid concern for the voting public.  I would also like to add that over the years I have witnessed many elections, and whenever the candidates health has been called into question, the  candidate themselves have done everything to alleviate people's concerns.     

Picture on the Right is a Screenshot of the Diversity at the Huffington Post


 You're not alone David, It kinda sucks to be punked off in such a manner by an employer.  Google has cached his 2 articles that Huffington Post deleted: one | two   I have to go, a black SUV just pulled up down the street.  

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Below is the video he was referring to by Paul Joseph Watson