August 14, 2016 at 2:43 pm

Man Rescues Woman and Her Dog From Sinking Car

 A video has emerged of a Louisiana woman and her dog being rescued from her sinking car during floods in that state.  David Phung and a friend were assisting with emergency efforts when the happened upon a woman and her dog s in a partially submerged car.  The woman can be hear calling to her rescuers

“Oh my God, I’m drowning!”  she said

“We’re coming, we’re coming,” the rescuers responded.

 When their efforts to break the cars back window failed David Phung jumped into the swollen river to rescue the cars occupants.  Mr Phung ripped open the roof of the convertible and grabbed the arms of the trapped woman. 

“Get my dog,” the woman said

“I can’t get the dog,” he said.

 Phung went underwater one last time and at the last moment the dog surfaced.

“I got your dog,” he said as he helped her back to the rescue boat.

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 At least three people have died , and thousands more have been rescued after the latest floods in Louisiana.  Latest estimates suggest that emergency crews have had to carry out at least 2,000 rescues across the state.  Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said that the rains were expected to subside Sunday, and is quoted as saying "I'm still asking people to be patient. Don't get out and sightsee," Edwards said. "Even when the weather is better, it's not safe."