The Toronto No Pants Subway Ride & Dance Party

 The Toronto No Pants Subway Ride, is an annual global event started and organized by Improv Everywhere.  The event started in 2002 as a prank in New York, and it had seven participants.  In New York City's 2006 No Pants ride eight people were arrested. Fortunately for the participants, it's completely legal to wear your underwear in public in New York City.  The publicity generated by that event has snowballed into the event that we know today.



 Toronto's first No Pants Subway Ride consisted of 75 riders in 2008 and has grown into the event we enjoy/cringe today.  Harmless and perhaps not flattering for some considering it takes place in January, it's fun for the exhibitionist in some of us.  I personally have covered this event two times, and can honestly say that I have seen more at the beach in the summer.  I will also say that if you take part in this event you should exercise common sense, and go with a group and when taking part in


the event you should stay with the other participants.  Also this should go without saying, but we will anyway.  This is for adult only, and participants should keep in mind that kids maybe on the trains. To check out our complete galleries check HERE

 Other that the obvious cautions this can be a fun for both riders and the people participating in the event.  The date for the event and Dance Party is announced in early December, because the date for the event changes from year to year.  Click image to visit the events Facebook page.

No Pants